Will ESPN give Tony Kornheiser the Curt Schilling treatment for saying this about the Tea Party?[ audio]

This past August, Curt Schilling tweeted out ameme comparing Muslimextremiststo Nazis. He afterwards apologized, butit wasn’t enough to mollify the powers that be at ESPN. Schilling was yanked from the network for the remainder of this year.

We can’t help but wonder, then, if ESPN will take similar action with” Pardon the Interruption” co-host Tony Kornheiser, who suggested that the Tea Party might havea kindred spirit in ISIS 😛 TAGEND

Pretty inflammatory stuff, isn’t it, ESPN?

Excellent question.

And what about this?

Back in July, Kornheiser enjoyed a delightful golf game with Barack Obama 😛 TAGEND And again in August 😛 TAGEND And again earlier this month 😛 TAGEND

Is ESPN going to hold President Obama accountable for being associated with person like Kornheiser?

Hey, their regulations, right?

But we won’t hold our breath.

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