What will happen with @ POTUS and other questions for Inauguration Day


Donald Trump is no stranger to Twitter.

The President-elect is participating in March 2009( according to his Twitter profile) and he, or whoever else controls his account, has sent more than 34,300 tweets over those virtually eight years.

But Friday he and his administration will be inheriting a lot more power within the network. No longer will President Barack Obama the man who oversaw and pushed a rapid embracing of digital media operate the @POTUS account.

Beyond inheriting Air Force One, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the codes for roughly 4,500 nuclear weapons, Trump and his administration Friday will be the proud new proprietors of the @POTUS Twitter account, which currently boasts 13 million followers.

The process is a bit complex in part because it’s something that has never happened before, at the least in the United States, so Mashable is here to walk you through what we know and what you need to know.

When does it happen?

Trump will be sworn in some time after 12 p.m. ET Friday. Obama and his administration will have access to the account during the morning hours.

Conveniently, you can watch all of this magical happen on Twitter. The platform will have a live video river of the inauguration, plus accompanying coverage with PBS NewsHour.

You can expect Obama’s team to send off one last tweet, and you can expect it’ll be inspiring not unlike what happened when Obama was elected and re-elected.

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