What Donald Trump’s giant White House golf simulator says about him

( CNN) Within the last few weeks, President Donald Trump had a room-sized golf simulator installed in his personal one-quarters at the White House, according to The Washington Post.

This should not be at all that big a deal. As the Post noted, Trump paid for the simulator and the installation out of his own pocket. And, as the Post also noted, former President Barack Obama had an “older, less sophisticated” golf simulator installed in the White House during his time there.

Presidents have a lot on their intellects. And they can’t simply duck out to play a quick 18 holes on a caprice. If swinging a club in a gold simulator helps them think, more power to them!

According to calculations made by The Washington Post’s Philip Bump, Trump has played a round of golf every 5.4 days of his time in the White House — and that average number of days was much lower before Trump effectively stopped playing golf from Thanksgiving through February — due in large part to the 35 -day government shutdown, the longest in political history.( Obama’s pace over his two terms was a round of golf every 8.8 days; he played 333 total rounds of golf over his eight years as president .~ ATAGEND)

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