Trump’s magical machine is at its most vulnerable

( CNN) Two years of Trump-on-the-Potomac is having the effect his campaign promised to everyone who really paid attention. The key Trump pledge, which he displayed but never honestly voiced, was to bring a destructive brand of leadership that would sow consternation and despair. Evidence is now arisingthat suggests many are onto his game.

This brings the armed forces closer to the public at large. A new Gallup poll out Monday shows that simply 38% of Americans approve of the President — a five-point lessening from last week’s Gallup poll, with slight decreases across most demographic groups.

Perhaps the troops are noticing that Trump has never visited a combat theater and spent his Thanksgiving golfing and resting at his luxury Mar-a-Lago resort. He assaulted the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals during a traditional call to the troops and when asked about what attained him feel thankful, he made the answer about himself, literally, saying he’s grateful“For having a great family and for having made a tremendous difference in this country. I’ve made a tremendous change in the country. This country is so much stronger now than it was when I took office that you wouldn’t believe it.”

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