Trump silent as questions remain over deadly Niger ambush

( CNN) On Saturday October 7, the day the body of 25 -year-old Army Sgt. La David Johnson was returned to Dover Air Force Base after he was killed in an ISIS ambush in Niger, President Donald Trump was golfing. It’s not known if the President ever planned to attend the return of remains ceremony at Dover as he has in the past. But since the ambush on October 4 in Niger, he has not commented publicly on the deadliest combat incident involving US troops since he took office.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders did address the deaths on October 5, saying “our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the fallen service members who built the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of the freedoms we hold so dear.”

The Pentagon has not a detailed accounting of the ambush by 50 ISIS affiliated fighters which left four US soldiers dead and two wounded and has said the incident remains under investigation. But CNN has talked to half a dozen US officers who describe details of the chaos and confusion which led to the troops being left on the ground for nearly an hour before assistance could get to the remote area of southwestern Niger where they were operating. In addition, officers still do not know how Johnson became separated from the party only for his body to be recovered nearly 48 hours later.

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