Trump extol he’s a very active president–and Twitter isn’t buying it

Early on in his presidency, President Trump’s tweets were delivered in a format that was perfectly exploited as memes. Who among us could forget,” I call my own shots, largely on the accumulation of data ?”

That’s calmed down in the past couple months, which is wonderful for the people whose lives are directly affected by the president’s online dictums, but kind of a bummer for those of use who like to laugh at POTUS.

Thankfully, he came roaring back today, proclaiming himself” a very active chairwoman” as part of a morning tweetstorm.

The reasons for LOLs abounded.

Primarily, there’s the fact that instead of president-ing, he’s often seen golfing.

Much like the fine-tuned machine meme, people contrasted the absurdity of the statement with equally absurd GIFs and pictures.

It also read like the beginning of a commercial, and with Trump of an advanced age, there was no deficit of what people imagined him hawking as a” very active chairwoman .”

But best of all was the use of this week’s Spongebob meme, which throws a person’s own terms right back at them while also laughing in their face.

That’s just perfect.

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