Trump offers condolences to Toledo in wake of Dayton shooting

Today, President Donald Trump addressed the media after two mass shootings over the weekend roiled the nation. Speaking from the White House, he said the nation was overcome with” shock, horror and sorrow ,” over how 80 people were killed or wounded in mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

Trump called the El Paso shooting the act of a “wicked” man, and that a” twisted monster” acted in Dayton. In the remarks, he called out the El Paso shooter for “racism” and” white domination .”

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Vowing to respond to the tragedy, Trump proposed a number of suggestions. He repeatedly called out the “internet” in the wake of the shooting for radicalizing people and asked social media companies to develop tools to track shooters before they act. Trump also blamed video games in his remarks and discussed mental health.

” Mental illness and hatred pull the trigger , not the handgun ,” Trump said, before addressing gun reform, saying he supported “red flag” laws that could take weapons away from people who are considered a danger to others.

But it was his last line that caught the attention of people when he said one city’s name incorrect when saying that America should put partisanship aside, and act on these tragedies to honor and recollect the victims.

” May God Blass the memory of those who perished in Toledo ,” Trump said.

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Earlier today, Trump also called for strong background checks but proposed it be tied to immigration reform.

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