Tiger Timbers: a lost, sorry spirit who was once invincible

Golfer incentivised a generation of the worlds best players, but odds on his returning to form have never been longer

At the peak of his powers, Tiger Woods was a golfer who dominated all before him. He carried his athletic into a fresh commercial landscape before trauma and loss of sort meant he could no longer compete with the best. When he began to toil on the course perhaps even more so than when he was recording stunning accomplishments as criterion he became captivating viewing.

The cause for this was twofold: People procured it difficult to believe that this sporting genius, the winner of 79 professional events and 14 major championships, who was the worlds top-ranked player for an unprecedented 683 weeks, could fall so far in a short space of hour. Woodss demise hasnt been a slow-burner; he had a five-win season as recently as 2013. The other pertinent factor was schadenfreude; the marital infidelities which put Woods on newspaper front pages in 2010 and tarnished his reputation and many were delighted to see him fail.

This week, Woods would surely rather millions of television viewers watch him perform like a club golfer, instead of considering the footage of him that emerged from the Florida police department. The 41 -year-old Woods was again in sharp focus: staggering and slurring at the roadside in the middle of the night, having been seen asleep at the wheel of his injury Mercedes. In the police report of his arrest in the early hours of Monday, Woods is described by police as cooperative but confused.

A breath test registered a blood alcohol level of zero, and Woods insists his condition was caused by prescription drugs, as he recovered from the fourth round of surgery on his back since 2014. Timbers is due to be arraigned in Palm Beach County on 5 July.

Suddenly, Woods is at his lowest ebb, with the dire extent of his condition a shock to everyone.

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