This Heckler At A Golf Tournament Was Challenged To Sink A Putt And Won $ 100

Most of the time, hecklers get whats coming to them.

At comedy demonstrates, theyre shot down by the stand-up, at plays or concerts theyre tossed out on the street, and at sports games they get to be embarrassed when they fail to do what they said they could so easily accomplish.

But this hecklerput his fund where his mouth was and earned himself $100.

David Johnson, of North Dakota, was at the Ryder Cup practice round at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota on Thursday. There, he was litter talking Team Europe players.

Hissmack talkwas overheard by British Open champion and Olympic silver medallist Henrik Stenson. Johnson told,

Silver medal is what we call first loser!

Stensoninvited Johnson up to putt, to prove he could do better.

On top of boasting rights, Stensons teammate Justin Rose put $100 next to the ball.

Johnson putted the ball perfectly into the hole.

Whats his secret? Surely this untapped talent has to have some sage wisdom to bestow upon others who lack his golfing skills.

He toldPioneer Press,

I shut my eyes, swallowed my puke and reached the putt that happened to go in, so that was cool.

Johnson told of his experience,

I razzed them a little bit, and they heard me, which is insane, and they brought me out, which is more insane. Havent fully realized what just happened. Overall, that was a pretty cool experience. Id go ahead and do that again. That was nice.

Hopefully this doesnt inspire more hecklers to try to outwit and outplay the professionals. While it worked out for this one human, and he earned a signed $100 bill to boot, the majority of members of the time you simply look like a huge jackass craving attention.

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