These Are The Brutally Honest Reasons Guys Left Their Brides At The Altar

No matter how much thought and scheming a person sets into his or herwedding day, one thing someone can’t perhaps predict is the chance of being leftat the altar.

Some brides and grooms find themselves dealing with a instance of cold feet weeks and even months in advance, calling off the wedding before their guests fly in from all over the world to be there and celebrate.

But some wait until crunch time. Some wait until all the guests have arrived and are seated to suddenly feel like what they’re about to do isn’t right.

If you’re wondering what makes a person decide to become a runaway bridegroom, read on to hear why these nine grooms left their brides at the altar on their bridal days.

1. She Wasn’t It

Man, it sucked to realize this at the final hour, but right before it was time for the ceremony to start, I just got hit with a wave of realization that the person or persons I was about to marry wasn’t the right person for me. She simply wasn’t it. I was settling.

Weddings are expensive, I knew that. But divorce would be more expensive. It took me 15 minutes to realize this and then run out of the place. We never spoke again.

Clyde, 32

2. I Was Ensure AnotherWoman

It was a dick move, but I did have a girl on the side. Nothing serious or anything, but right before the bridal, the bride’s cousin caught me kissing this other daughter. The other indicated up at the hotel, I don’t know why.

The cousin told I had to tell the bride or she would. I declined and simply decided to leave and not get married. I’m not even talking to the other daughter anymore, so I’m back to square one.

Bruce, 29

3. Her Dad Talked Me Out Of It

The morning of the bridal, I ran golfing with my groomsmen, my father and her father. Her father sat me down and gave me one of those stern talks about how he would come after me If I ever did anything wrong to his daughter.

He just made me feel so threatened and nervous that I freaked out a little bit. I blame him for talking me out of getting married. I didn’t end up wedding her that day or ever.

Gregg, 30

4. I Wasn’t Ready To Be Wifed Up

All my guys were still single and I was going to be the only one with a spouse. It just seemed like too much, too soon. I decided to back out.

Yes, I backed out last-minute, like 12 hours before the bridal period, but I simply realise after sitting down and thinking about it that marriage life wasn’t for me.

Rob, 24

5. We Get Into A Heated Fight

Right before the ceremony, she got mad at me because she found out I lied about something. Something stupid, but something. She was screaming and calling me a liar.

I simply couldn’t take it and realise if this is how our bridal day is going to go, then our life together will be a total mess. I decided to tap out and objective the whole relationship.

Trevor, 28

6. I Was Just Stuck In Traffic

I didn’t mean to stand her up at the altar, and that’s the truth. I swear on that. What happened was I was stuck in traffic. I tried calling her, but she didn’t answer. Everyone else I told didn’t believe me and believed I was just lying to get out of wedding her.

Since no one believed me and I indicated up an hour late, everyone believed I was being sketchy. We objective up getting married two years later, but we had a lot of trust issues to deal with before that.

Paul, 31

7. Money Was The Main Problem

I didn’t want a large bridal, and I didn’t wishes to expend $20,000 of our money to assist pay for it. Her parent’s were spending over $50,000 already. The whole thing simply bothered me.

In the end, we just had different positions when it came to finances, and that alone was not easy for us to deal with. She was a spender, and I was a saver. On the bridal day, I ensure we owed another $10,000. I flipped out and then I strolled out.

Chris, 29

8. Our Families Didn’t Blend

Weddings are a great way to see if your families will blend, and ours clearly did not. There were physical fightings between our family members before the ceremony even started.

By the time I finished dealing with that, I had enough and decided to simply objective the whole thing and not get married.

Anthony, 29

9. I Didn’t Have A Reason

I don’t know why I didn’t get married. I simply didn’t. I woke up on my wedding day and I simply never left my bed. I felt depressed and didn’t have the energy to run get married. Love is complicated, and I wish I had a better answer.

Rick, 27

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