The internet can’t stop blaming Obama for natural disasters

During natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and mass tragedies, the nation always likes to critique how the current president of the United States handled the situation. Did he fly immediately to the scene and hug survivors? Did he dedicate a speech? Did he do enough?

It helps to remember who is( or was) chairman at the time of the incident.

Many people, including J.R. Rowling, have blamed President Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey–which he called an “innocent” name for a hurricane. In turn, Trump’s advocates are assaulting Obama for not doing enough during Hurricane Katrina, which occurred in 2005. Obama started his first word in 2009. Yep. Katrina reached the Gulf Coast years before Obama became president. But that didn’t stop people from blaming him.

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For the people who actually remember the years that Obama was president, the claim that Obama was president during Hurricane Katrina became a joke. What other events in history can we blame on Obama for no reason?

September 11?

Pearl Harbor?

The sinking of the Titanic?

The Cuban Missile Crisis?

Let’s not forget the Civil War and the Great Depression.

Thanks, Obama!

But, wait. He did meet with one victim aboard the Titanic .

Well, at the least he did that one thing.

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