The Best Battle Gear for Fencing, Golfing, and … Badmintoning?

Foil courtesy of alliancefencingequipment.comMolly Cranna

Think fencing, badminton, and golf are stodgy athletics? Thems fightin terms, and these battle enforces are ready to rumble.

Odyssey Works Versa# 1 Wide Putter | $180

When golf returns to the Olympics after 112 years in the rough, youll find Odysseys putters used by top players like Henrik Stenson and Danny Willett. The groovy pattern on the face of this club sets the ball into a roll faster, translating to less skid, better control, and fewer three-putts.

Blaise Frres FIE Fencing Foil | $160

The sport dates back more than 500 years, but fencing isnt all old-school. Modern weapons like this thrusting blade are rigged with circuitry, enabling split-second scoring by computer. As with foils of yore, it has a thick forte near the guard and an ultraflexible foible near the tip.

Wilson Fierce Badminton Racquet | $210

Boasting a sturdy unibody design, Wilsons high-end racket is primed for birdie-hunting season. Weighing merely 2.75 ounces, its the ax of selection for one member of Japans top-ranked women doubleds team. Its probably even strong enough to turn your badminton game into a goodminton game.

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