Severely, Imagine if Obama Had Done What Trump Has

At CPAC this year, President Donald Trump received such a rousing hero’s welcome that you’d believe Ronald Reagan’s ghost appeared on the stage. In fact, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham compared Trump to The Gipper, telling the crowd:” This is how it was in the 1980 s .” Attendees apparently concurred, giving the president a 93 percent approving rating in their annual straw poll.

Which made it curious when, a week afterwards, the president came out in support of a gun control package that would have stimulated even Barack Obama blush. Sitting next to Sen. Dianne Feinstein( D-CA ), one of the more fierce gun control advocates in the Senate, Trump offered support for an assault weapons prohibition, creating the purchase age for some rifles, and the governmental forces seizure of firearms in cases where the owner accuses of being unstable.” Take the guns first ,” he proclaimed,” go through due process second .” For good measure, he told Sen. Pat Toomey( R-PA ), a Republican lawmaker who actually was willing to buck the handgun hall in 2013, that he–Toomey–was afraid of the National Rifle Association.

Afterwards, the NRA released a tepid statement of disapproval of the” bad policy” recommended by Trump while Sen. Ben Sasses( R-NE) registered his alarm that anyone, let alone the president, would trample on an individual’s constitutional right to due process so cavalierly.

And …. that was about it.

The same conservative establishment that would have seethed at Obama had he backed such a situate of policies was basically silent. Fox News’ Sean Hannity did an entire segment on the meet that ignored basically everything Trump told, save his call for arming school teachers.” The chairman is so right ,” Hannity added for good measure. Ingraham, for her part, told Trump’s remarks were” not cool .” But others dismissed the meeting altogether as merely a brainstorming session. There were remarkable few howling of anger or discontent.

This is but the latest case in the conservative establishment’s Trump Apologist Syndrome — the acute onset of forgiveness or amnesia by formerly conservative voices when responding to Donald Trump. They are willing to instantaneously forgive flaws that would have outraged them under Obama, Hillary Clinton or even George W. Bush.

Just imagine the reaction from “conservative” leaders to the following headlines had Hillary Clinton been elected president:

President Clinton Sends Congress $4.4 Trillion Spending Scheme That Features Rising Deficits

Friday Will Be The One Year Anniversary of Hillary &# x27; s First, Last and Only Formal White House Press Conference

Clinton Attacks FBI Director, Denies Asking Him Who He Voted for President

Clinton’s Fiscal Stimulus Could be Bigger Than Obama’s

Thirty to 40 White House Officials and Administration Political Appointees Are Still Operating Without Full Security Clearances, Including President Clinton’s Son-in-Law

Clinton Lawyer Used Private Company, Pseudonyms to Pay Porn Star

Clinton Blocks Release of Republican Russia Memo

FBI Director Contradicts Hillary Clinton’s Timeline on[ Senior Aide’s] Abuse Probe

How Clinton Is Making Money in The White House, And Why Nobody Will Stop Her

Hillary Clinton Goes Golfing During Funerals for Shooting Victims

Former Clinton Aide Pleads Guilty; Agrees to Witness Against Other Clinton Aide

These are all very real narratives about President Trump from merely the past six weeks.

I didn’t even include” Trump amnesty to encompas 1.8 million Dreamers, triple Obama’s DACA program” because I’m hopeful he actually signs something that espouses this formerly-RINO position on Dreamers.

But just imagine a world in which those headlines were reality? The speeches attacking President Hillary Clinton at CPAC would practically write themselves. Try hard enough, and you could even conjure up the image of Trump, fresh off his 2016 defeat, delivering a blistering indictment of Clinton himself from the dais.

But we don’t live in that world. We live in a world in which Trump’s fans on Twitter find forgiveness for him to be all too easy. He’s playing 4D chess, they insist. He’s putting country over party, they emphasize. Heck, some likely changed their positions with him.

Maybe judicial appointments, or tax cuts, or reversing some regulations are enough to rationalize the see nothing, say nothing reactions. But that feels like a pretty cheap cost given the other side of the ledger. Or maybe they trust he’ll change his intellect( again) on whatever the most recent infraction is.

Or perhaps the discontent of liberals has become the only rallying principle of the conservative motion.

Trump has done a lot in 2018 alone to cause conservative backlash. That it hasn’t come results one to believe it never will. The far right told me if I didn’t vote for Trump that we’d end up with a scandal-plagued, gun-grabbing White House that spends like sailors and offers amnesty to millions. They were right! They merely didn’t tell me they wouldn’t care.

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