Romney ‘would have accepted’ secretary of state job under Trump

Park City, Utah( CNN) Mitt Romney exposed Friday he was serious enough about becoming President Donald Trump’s secretary of state that he spoke to Hillary Clinton about the post — and that Trump’s general election opponent encouraged him to take it.

In a previously unreported dialogue, Romney mentioned that he spoke with Clinton, a fellow Trump critic on the other side of the aisle — during the time he was being considered for the top diplomat job.

“I spoke with virtually all the former secretaries of state, ” Romney said here at the Experts and Enthusiasts, or E2, Summit, which brings together high-profile Republican who are close to Romney. “I spoke with Secretary Clinton, and in each case, each of them told: ‘Please, please take that job, ‘ if it’s be submitted to you. We would very much like to see you serve in that capacity.”

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