Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump. Congress must protect his investigation | Max Bergmann and Max Boot

The closer Mueller gets to Trump, the likelier it is that Trump will act to try to end his investigation. Thats why he must be protected now

Mueller is coming.

The investigation into Trump campaign coordination with Russia appears to be shutting in on the president. The three indictments earlier this month of Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort; his deputy, Rick Gates; and foreign policy consultant George Papadopoulos show that Robert Mueller is inside Trump’s campaign. The indictment and plea arrangement of former national security consultant Michael Flynn now sets the investigation into the White House.

In most circumstances, apprehending the president’s campaign chairman and his national security adviser, one of the most important point positions in the entire government, would be seen as the culmination of a successful investigation. But what’s clear is that neither Flynn , nor Manafort, is the target of Mueller’s work.

As anyone who watches Law and Order knows, prosecutors offer a plea deal in order to get information and build a occurrence against person higher up in the food chain. If Flynn does strike a plea arrangement, there is logically merely one person that Mueller would be interested in striking a bargain over: the president.


Who is Robert Mueller?

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