Report: Trump Repeatedly Talks About Objective Mueller Probe

President Trump has repeatedly ranted about the ongoing Russia investigation and spoken of objective it during his working vacation at his Bedminster retreat, according to Politico. Close confidants cited in such reports say the president’s mood has visibly soured any time special counseling Robert Mueller’s investigation is brought up. Sen. Lindsey Graham( R-SC ), after golfing with Trump last weekend, reportedly told guests at an event hosted by the Greenville County Republican Party that the president mentioned ending the Mueller investigation” about 20 times .” Trump is reportedly channeling his annoyances over the investigation into his trade war with China and efforts for a border wall, a bid that is receiving encouragement from White House senior policy consultant Stephen Miller. After a federal judge struck down the Trump administration’s family-separations policy, Miller is said to be masterminding additional immigration crackdowns ahead of midterms in the fall.

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