Pudgy parrots, sleepy sloths and one of the best narratives we’ve seen all year

( CNN)

Magic is real. How else do you explain the glimmering northern lights, the phosphorescent light of the mysterious ocean beings of the deep? What, short of true sorcery, could account for the ancient majesty of a rainforest or those really weird dances birds do when they want to attract a mate? OK, yes, most of it is science, but science is just another term for magic we can explain. Earth Day is April 22, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to embrace the rich menagerie of magical matter all around us. You can start with this week’s Good Stuff, where you’ll discover flirty birds, sleepy sloths, concealed blooms, jellyfish, national park and, of course, plenty of good people who construct the world a little better merely by being in it.

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