The president likes to dish it out via social media, but it seems he cant take it, with writer Stephen King joining the list of those #BlockedByTrump

Donald Trump is quick to press the tweet button, but it seems he is also happy to made the block button, too. Stephen King was not especially frightened to find out he could no longer view Trumps tweets, having been blocked on Twitter by the US president this week. The prolific horror writer sarcastically responded to the situation telling: I may have to kill myself . King is in good company after being shut out of the presidents social media profile. Here are a few of the others to share the fate for the purposes of the hashtag #BlockedByTrump 😛 TAGEND

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Songwriter and transparency campaigner Holly OReilly risked Trumps ire after tweeting a gif of Pope Francis giving the president a disapproving appear. I think that the pope tweet was likely was the clincher, she told Time publication. OReilly has launched a legal instance, backed by free-speech lawyers, to be unblocked by the president, claiming that Twitter is a designated public forum and as new communication platforms are developed, it is essential we dont lose our ability to participate in our democracy or exercise our First Amendment right. Sad !!! rating: 4/5

For Forbes columnist Rob Szczerba, it was a joke about ice-cream that earned him a place in the blocked by Trump club. Teasing him about his infamous covfefe typo, Szczerba wrote: I heard #covfefe is a new flavor from Ben& Jerrys. But its mostly simply nuts! Sad !!! rating: 2/5

Writer and occasional Huffington Post contributor Tony Posnanski detected himself blocked after he tweeted: Eating Miracle Whip with a spoon has a higher approval rating than Donald Trump. Sad !!! rating: 4/5

Parental advice also isnt allegedly welcomed by the president. Jules Sulzdaltsev, a journalist are stationed in San Francisco, shared screenshots of being shut out by Trump after telling: I entail this sincerely you Require to spend more time with Barron instead of golfing every single weekend! Sad !!! rating: 2/5

Like father like son, Eric Trump is also no stranger to the block button. The chairwomen third child allegedly blocked novelist Talia Jane after she tweeted him a picture of his own lips. However, Talia boasts an accolade few can match: she is not only blocked by Eric, but by Donalds Senior and Junior. Sad !!! rating: 5/5

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