Peek inside Trump’s total non-vacation in New Jersey

Bedminster, New Jersey( CNN) He golfs. He schmoozes by the pool. He eats dinner with friends.

For President Donald Trump, the long-standing image of a leader in repose doesn’t apply, at least in his own mind. In New Jersey this week, events were arranged to demonstrate his extended stay at a wooded golf resort was, in fact, run. A lengthy list of necessary renovations underway at the White House was created to explain the President’s absence from the West Wing. And a small wooden table, affixed with a presidential seal, was lugged along in case something must be signed.

Long a critic of his predecessor’s leisure habits, Trump has gone out of his route to insist, in public and in private, that spending weeks away from Washington isn’t what it looks like. Unlike his predecessors, who didn’t shy away from the “vacation” label, Trump has adopted the notion that time off is time wasted.

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