Obamas Continue Epic Vacation Tour With Whitewater Rafting Trip In Bali

The Obama family has certainly been living it up since leaving the White House in January of this year.

Former President Barack Obama has been toFrench Polynesia, the Caribbean, Tuscany, and Scotland. Along the style, he’s been joined by Michelle Obamaas well as by celebs like Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, and Oprah Winfrey.

But this time, Sasha and Malia Obama are along for the ride and it looks like a bumpy one in a fun way!

The entire Obama clan isfar, far away from America on the Indonesian island of Bali. The Obamas arrived in Bali on Friday, June 23, and are expected to stay until June 28. After that, they’re going to travel around more places in Indonesia.

This trip is especially entailing for the family because of Barack’s past. He actually lived in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, with his mother when he was 6years old. He moved back to the United States when he was 10, where reference is lived with his grandparents in Hawaii.

The Obamas set their vacation into high gear on Monday, June 26 with a whitewater rafting trip.

Along with some guides, the whole troupe was in the red raft. Malia sat in the front, Sasha right behind her, and Barack and Michelle took the third row. They ran rafting along theAyung River, according to.

Michelle and Barack demonstrated off their famously toned arms while paddling through the river.

MADE NAGI/ EPA/ REX/ Shutterstock

Meanwhile, Sasha and Malia showed off their famous side-eye as they caught sight of cameras following their trip.

People seem pretty pleased to see the Obamas relaxing well, as much as you can while whitewater rafting after spending eight years in a high-stress house.

This sentiment was especially true considering whatever Donald Trump’s tweeting about this time.

All of these high-life vacation pics are proving that nobody does breakup chic better than Barack Obama.


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