Obama Will Address Hillarys Email Scandal on First Ever Fox News Sunday

President Obama is appearing on Fox’s Sunday politics depict to push Republicans to support Merrick Garland–but he will make bigger news talking about Hillary’s email scandal.”>

President Obama is no stranger to the Washington Sunday showshes appeared on ABCs This Week, CBSs Face the Nation, and NBCs Meet the Pressbut, up to now, and for his entire time in the White House, Obama has cut and shunned Fox News Sunday.

I dont know that there was a formal explanation[ from the Obama White House ], but basically, they made it clear they werent very happy with Fox News, told Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, who finally got his presidential exclusive for this weekends broadcast after countless scorned invitations.

Wallace videotapeed his interview with Obama on Thursday for the prove, which celebrates its 20 th anniversary on April 28, and their conversation, at the White Houses insistence, is embargoed until 9 a. m. Sunday.

Wallace predicted that the presidents remarks concerning his former secretary of states ongoing email troubles will generate headlines.

I think where he makes the most news is about Hillary Clinton, Wallace saidan assessment that is likely to be greeted with misgiving at Clinton campaign headquarters in Brooklyn. He hasnt been asked about it in awhile. Back in October, on 60 Minutes, he said she had not jeopardized national security with her private email server. Since then, weve found out that 2,000 of her emails were classified and 22 were top secret. So could he say flatly that she didnt give away Americas secrets?

Wallace continued: In addition, we talked about the FBI investigation. Can he ensure the American populace, and does he direct his people, that any decision on the Clinton emails has become a legal decision , not a political decision? And he makes some news there.

The Fox News Channel will re-run Sundays program three times, at 2 p.m ., 6 p. m. and 9 p. m ., after its initial airing on the Fox Television Networkpresumably a ratings windfall politenes of a chairwoman who hasnt been inclined to do Fox any favors.

I think, generally speaking, they dont think they get a fair shake from Fox News, Wallace said about the Obama White House.

Dont they have a point?

I think Fox News is more critical of this President than most other news organizations, Wallace answered in an email to The Daily Beast.The White House sometimes doesnt like that. But I think we are doing our jobtelling all parts of the tale. I also think the White House doesnt distinguish between our hard news operation and the opinion shows.

So what attained the White House, at long last, relent?

He has nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, and theyre very frustrated given the fact that the Republican Senate refuses to even hold verification hearings, let alone to give him an up or down election, Wallace said in a phone interview, adding that he pushed especially hard in his pitch to the White House that his program was well-positioned to serve their interests. They saw Fox News Sunday as an opportunity to reach out to Republicans or Independent or conservative Democrats to try to put pressure on Republican senators to devote a full vetting, a normal vetting, to Judge Garland.

Obama told Wallace that even if Clinton is elected in seven months, and the Senate goes into a lame-duck conference, he plans to stick by Garland as his preferred nominee instead of pulling the nomination to let Clinton fill the seat vacated by the demise last month of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.

Wallace, meanwhile, declined to wade into the intrigue surrounding Fox News superstar and frequent Donald Trump target Megyn Kelly, who has been critical of her colleague Bill OReilly for not defending her more robustly, and recently confided to Variety that while shes grateful for Fox News Chairman Roger Ailess staunch supporting, she must keep[ her] alternatives open on whether to re-up with Fox when her next contract talks come up after the November election.

Let me just say Ive been too busy interviewing the president of the United States to worry about any of that stuff, Wallace demurred.

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