New York Daily News Rips Trump For Visiting Golf course During Florida Funerals

The New York Daily News tore into President Donald Trump for visiting his Florida golf course while funerals for the Parkland school massacre victims were taking place “just miles away.”

For its Tuesday cover, the tabloid used a photograph of Trump dedicating a thumbs up alongside a picture of pallbearers carrying the casket of one of the 17 victims 😛 TAGEND

The president visited Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach for several hours on Monday. White House officials have not corroborated whether Trump was golfing during that period, but did say that he avoided playing over the weekend as a mark of respect.

Last Friday, Trump met with victims who were injured in the mass shooting. He also posed for photo with the police officers and medical staff who responded to the massacre. He was later criticized for his “thumbs-up” poses.

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