Much Required Reddit Finds Trump’s Contradictory Tweets So You Don’t Have To

A new subreddit popped up that helps you find the appropriate old Donald Trump tweet for every occasion.

Trump, plainly, is a prolific longtime tweeter. And it just so happens that many of his pre-presidential tweets were commenting on the country of politics and the White House.

Because of his busy Twitter fingers, weve realized by now that there is almost always an old Trump tweet to apply to something new going on in the Trump White House and it almost always contradicts what Trump is doing as president.

For instance, there was that time Trump said he never said global warmingis a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese, and everyone was like:


Or when Trump kept going golfingas president, and everyone was like:


Instead of go looking for the tweetsyourself, the Trump Criticizes Trump subreddit collects all his relevant old tweets for you.

The sub started on Reddit about a month ago, but its been gaining in popularity, especially the coming week as a post trended on the platform.

Users submit links to old Trump tweets that are relevant to things going on.

So far, there are around 60 submitted Trump tweets relating to Trumps actions as chairman and all the drama thats been accompanying that.

Some old Trump tweets are just eerily relevant.

For instance, the House of Representatives voted on the American Health Care Act on a Thursday. Then, people find that this tweet exists 😛 TAGEND


The most upvoted tweet right now is about a special prosecutor.

This attains sense, because one was just appointedto look into Trumps campaign.

But, in October, Trump tweeted that should he become president, he would inform his attorney general to get a special attorney to check out Hillary Clinton.


And then there are the tweets about Russia.



And more on inability to handle classified information.


Which is cringey aside from the typo because, well, Trump merely voluntarily shared exceedingly classified information with Russia.

So next time something crazygoes down( which should be in, like, two hours ), simply check this sub for the inevitable embarrassing self-own.

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