Melania Trump’s Mar-a-Lago: Reserved and restful

Palm Beach, Florida( CNN) President Donald Trump might use his Mar-a-Lago visits to golf, entertain dignitaries and schmooze with his powerful friends, but for his wife, Melania Trump, the idea is to be invisible. The private quarters are just that — private — and reserved for simply her, her husband and their son.

The family compound of the Trump orbit at the approximately 20 -acre estate-turned-private club nestled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach, Florida, are relatively modest, as far as their homes go, according to a member familiar with the layout.

The suites of rooms aren’t vastly expansive to its implementation of square-footage — tiny compared to the three floors of the Trump Tower family penthouse in Manhattan and a fraction of the four floors of the Executive Residence of the White House. There is a coziness to the place, even if it is one of the largest estates in Florida.

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