Man Gets Life-Saving Heart Surgery. 20 Years Subsequently, He Has A’ Strange Feeling’ In His Chest

Heart surgery is one of the scariest types of operations a person can undergo. Although it’s true that every surgery has risks, heart operations are particularly risky and can lead to all kinds of complications.

Two decades ago, Alexander Mullery had to have heart surgery to replace his aortic valve, saving their own lives. That surgery was performed by Dr. Alan Hartman, and it successfully repaired Alexander’s heart.

For 20 years, Dr. Hartman’s repair stuck. However, one morning Alexander says he woke with” a strange feeling” in his chest. Because he had previously gone through heart surgery, he knew something was seriously wrong.

Instead of contacting any old doctor about “whats going on”, Alexander reached out to Dr. Hartman, who was immediately concerned. Whatever was wrong with Alexander’s heart, Dr. Hartman knew he had to be the one to fix it.

After examining Alexander, Dr. Hartman realized that he required another surgery, which he willingly performed, saving Alexander’s life once again.

Alexander’s family is so thankful that Dr. Hartman is so committed to his patients. Now, Alexander is healthy again, and was actually only given the go-ahead to start golfing again.

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