‘ Love Island’ Winners Nathan And Cara Reveal Cute Plans For Spending Their Prize money

As if the country wasn’t already happy enough to have the adorable couple that is Nathan and Cara win the show, it’s even nicer when you hear what the pair have planned with the money .

There was a brief moment when the fate of their money was in Cara’s hands, and she could have decided to take all of the money for herself instead of sharing it with her beau Nathan. A little part of me wanted her to, just for the sake of it- but no, of course she shared it with her boyfriend Nathan.

And then they both jumped fully clothed into a swimming pool.

I mean, if you actually think about it, the pair have had the summers of their lives. They’ve been paid 25 k each( perhaps more if the show pays contestants to join in the first place) to live in a Spanish villa for free, with loads of attractive humen, and discovered what seems like genuine love.

I never supposed I’d say this, but it actually induces me contemplate applying for next year. I’m not sure I own enough bikinis though…

Nathan and Cara, still damp from the swimming pool, explained their plans for the money. Cara plans on treating her mum, saying :

“I can’t wait to get home and now I can buy my mum a house and dedicate her the deposit for it.”

Nathan’s ideas are a little more achievable, as he plans on taking his Papa on a golfing holiday- how sweet!

Love Island fans were overjoyed when the pair took the top spot, and many are calling for the duo to have their own spin-off show.

Like, severely, they need to get married and stay together forever and ever.

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