Live A Little More

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You don’t want to expend all of your time locked inside of your bedroom, daydreaming about what you would be doing if you had the energy to leave the house. You don’t want to wake up one day and realize that you wasted your years. That you didn’t live up to your full potential.

The next time you take a long drive in your auto, do something productive during the ride. Listen to a podcast instead of playing the same CD on repeat. Generate a list of goals inside your head. Suppose about what you want to accomplish throughout the day instead of letting yourself worry about what might happen throughout the day.

The next time you see your friends, instead of grabbing dinner at the same eatery you visit week after week, do something a little different. Run to a rock climbing gym. Go iceskating together. Run ziplining together. Do something new. Something that will become a narrative you’ll still tell years from now. Break out of your convenience zone, because if you stay inside of it eternally, you are able to never grow.

The next time you have nothing on your schedule, make a point to learn something new. Ask your grandmother how to crochet blankets like she used to do when you were little. Ask your best friend to teach you chords on the violin. Instead of rewatching funny Youtube videos, were identified that teaches you how to dance the salsa or cook cheesecake or practise self-defense. Fill your brain with more information. Absorb more knowledge.

The next time you are left alone on a weekend without any plans, stimulate something of your day anyway. Walk around your neighborhood for exercise. Learn to cook a recipe you found on Pinterest. Depict out your next tattoo. Go to the movies by yourself. Run mini golfing or bowling by yourself. Do something more exciting than watch Netflix from your bedroom. Do something that builds you feel like you’ve lived through a productive day.

The next time “youre feeling” lonely, instead of texting a friend, call them on the phone so you can hear their voice. Ask them to Skype with you so you can see their face. Ask them to play a video game with you over the internet so you feel like you’re in the same room together. Even better, ask them to meet you for breakfast in the morning before work instead of meeting for dinner after run. Do something that switches up your schedule.

The next time you feel bored, tired, restless, used to go and do something fun instead of lounging around and thinking of all the reasons you hate their own lives. Drive to the salon and get a haircut. Get a manicure. Get a new penetrate. Try a new coffee. Splurge on a massage. Maintain yourself busy. Maintain yourself happy.

Stop existing instead of living. Stop making excuses about how you don’t have the time to do what you’ve been was intended to do for years.

Stop making plans for a month from now or next summer or next year. Make plans for. Stop putting off the things you want to do, because there is no sense in waiting.

Live a little more. Love a little harder. Because “youve never” know how much longer you have left.

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