Late-night hosts blast Trump as ‘our neediest and most insecure president’

Comics, including Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers, discussed the Republican tax bill, Trumps visit to Florida and his support for Roy Moores Alabama Senate run

Late-night hosts on Monday addressed the GOP’s proposed legislation for tax reform and Donald Trump’s weekend in Florida, during which he reiterated his support for Roy Moore, the Senate candidate in Alabama who stands accused of sexually harassing multiple teenage girls.

” Thanksgiving is over. Leftovers have been eaten. That weird cranberry sauce has been stuffed back in the can for next year ,” Trevor Noah began.” And the turkey that President Trump pardoned has robbed a liquor store, killing two people .”

” With that all behind us, it’s time to look forward to the next big holiday ,” Noah continued, demonstrating Trump referring to the Republicans’ tax scheme as” a great, big, beautiful Christmas present “.

” Donald Trump is such a divorced dad ,” Noah joked.” He spends his whole year golfing, breaking his promises, and then he thinks he can buy our love with one big Christmas present. But that’s basically the plan for the president and Congress. In merely the three weeks between now and their Christmas break, they’re planning to push through a massive taxation bill with almost no debate .”

Trevor Noah on the GOP tax plan.

” The topic is, what’s in this Christmas package ?” the host asked.” Is it something that everyone wants, like Fingerlings? Or something nobody wants, like super gonorrhea? And the answer depends on what kind of person you are: human or corporate .”

Noah then depicted news coverage explaining what the proposed bill would do. If passed, corporate tax cuts would be made permanent, while taxation cuts for low-income earners would expire in 2021; by 2027, Americans earning $75,000 or less would all pay more in taxes, and the plan adds $1.4 tn to the national debt.

Noah responded:” So it builds sense, firms get to pay less eternally. And poor people get to pay less for four years, and then they pay more. By the style, it’s pretty convenient that median Americans won’t be seeing those taxation hikes until after the elections. That’s really slick .”

” Of course, those numbers are simply reality. But what do the bill’s advocates pretend will happen ?” the host asked, before proving news clips of Trump administration officials defending the bill, claiming that corporate taxation cuts will” stir economic growth” and create” jobs of the future “.

” They want to help ordinary people, so they’re giving money to corporations, because maybe eventually it will get down to ordinary people ?” Noah said, bewildered.” That’s so roundabout. It’s like saying, if you’re hungry, why go out to a restaurant when you can just sew yourself to the back of a human centipede .”

Seth Meyers of NBC zeroed in on Trump’s weekend trip to Florida, his boastful statements about his administration’s success, and his continued defense of Roy Moore.

” No matter what else happens, Donald Trump is certainly go down as our neediest and most insecure president ,” Meyers began.” With the possible exception of Millard Fillmore, whose first State of the Union speech started with,’ Do you guys believe I’m fat ?'”

Meyers then cited the president’s tweet on Sunday, in which he called himself the most successful 10 -month president in American history.

” Since Trump is historically unpopular and doesn’t actually have any major accomplishments to back up that claim, he’s resorted to unhinged conspiracy websites to back him up ,” Meyers explained.” He retweeted a link to website, that calls itself’ The President Donald Trump accomplishment list website .'”

” Trump was in Florida over the weekend and, of course, at this phase, we just take it for granted that Trump, who repeatedly bashed Obama for golfing, spent the weekend golfing ,” the host continued.” On Sunday, Trump reached the golf course for the fifth day in a row. Even the Masters only last four days .”

” But as Trump golfs, the rest of the country persist in grapple with the deluge of sexual harassment allegations that has rocked virtually every aspect of society ,” he went on.” Everyone has had to deal with this problem, and that includes the leaders of both political parties. Yesterday, the House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, was asked about the Michigan congressman John Conyers, who secretly determined sexual harassment allegations by a former employee. And her response was shockingly tone deaf .”

The host then showed Pelosi’s response to a question about Conyers from Chuck Todd, in which she says Conyers will” do the right thing” but refuses to specify whether or not he ought to resign.

” No, he’s in this position because he allegedly did the wrong thing ,” the host shoot back.” Meanwhile the president took to Twitter to double down on his tacit endorsement of the accused child molester operating as his party’s Senate nominee in Alabama, Roy Moore .”

Meyers then proved a portion of Trump’s tweet, in which he says Doug Jones, Moore’s Democratic opponent in the Alabama Senate race, is a” Schumer/ Pelosi marionette “.

” I’m sorry, he’s a puppet ?” Meyers said.” You’re telling people to vote for a guy that looks like Howdy Doody’s alcoholic brother-in-law .”

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