Kim Kardashian closeds down Trump as he defends Puerto Rico hurricane response


Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump fired off another series of tweets defending his action in Puerto Rico following the massive desolation of Hurricane Maria, but one tweet including with regard to capture people’s attention for its completely implausible premise.

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Many on Twitter–including Kim Kardashian herself–were quick to point out the flawed logic in the president’s tweet. Though he remains steadfast in his disapproval of the mainstream media in every form, from print to television to internet, that bickering is likely going unnoticed by Puerto Ricans, most of whom have been without clean water and electricity for a week, let alone access to TV broadcasts and Twitter.

The afternoon thread included a shout-out to his own administration for great efforts to on the island and the president’s plan to visit Puerto Rico early next week. It notably came after a rough morning of opponent from such high-profile voices as Hamilton creator( and New Yorker of Puerto Rican heritage) Lin-Manuel Miranda , who suggested Trump” is going straight-out to hell ,” after a tweetstorm in which he publicly criticized the mayor of San Juan, calling her “nasty” and saying she showed” poor leadership ability .”

One has to wonder when the president will learn about the Streisand Effect.

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