Jordan Spieth: the construction of a golfing hotshot | Ewan Murray

The 22 -year-old Master champion, preparing to defend his title, has left a lasting impression on those who have guided him towards greatness

That was the amazing thing: none of the adults had any notion that golf would become their own lives. Even his mothers didnt know. Jordan was determined. He knew before everyone else .

Introducing Tom Hood. The impact of 9/11 on the hotel sector in the United States meant the liquidation of his business department within Marriott hotels. He turned to teaching, with his first class, that of the fifth grade at the St Monica catholic school on the outskirts of Dallas, including a certain Jordan Spieth among the group of 10 – and 11 -year-olds.

I taught maths and science, which entailed having Jordan for half a day, every day, Hood recollects. As a new teacher, you can imagine current challenges. And this was a big challenge; the class was a rambunctious, rowdy group.

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