Its National Lazy Day, So Everyone Is Tweeting About Donald Trump

If youdon’t feel like doing anything on Thursday, Aug. 10, you have a good excuse: It’s National Lazy Day! Congrats, you can be a total couch potato and no one will judge you. Well, unless you’re Donald Trump that is. National Lazy Day prompted tweets about Trump, who’s currently on a 17 -day vacation.

To be fair to Trump, all people even chairwomen deserve a vacation. Research showstaking extended transgress from run attains you happier, healthier, and more productive. But the criticism Trump is getting for taking some time off is understandable for a number of reasons.

Trump made a habit of attackingformer President Barack Obama whenever he went on vacation or went golfing.

Meanwhile, Trump has golfed at a much higher rate in his first year as president than Obama did. Trump has golfed at the least 21 times since entering the White House, while Obama golfed just 11 hours by this point in his presidency, PolitiFact reports.

According to CNN, Trump is also set to expend more on travellingin his first year alone than Obama did in eight years as president.

Given all this, it’s evident some people feel there’s an element of hypocrisy to Trump’s long breaking( which he claims isn’t a vacation ).

On top of this, during the U.S. presidential campaign, Trump also said he would not has become a chairman who took vacations . So, he either changed his intellect or he wasn’t being truthful at the time.

Another issue is the fact Trump has expended an inordinate quantity of period at his own properties since becoming president and he’s still linked to his business empire, which is arguably a major conflict of interest.

According to NBC News, Trump has expended at the least 65 days at one of his properties and at the least 50 days at one of his golf properties out of 202 days total. Here’s why that’s an issue: Due to all of the security costs, it’s expensive for the president to travel. For instance, every time Trump travels to Mar-a-Lago it reportedlycosts as much as $3.3 million. Meanwhile, due to constant coverage of Trump in the news, everyone gets a position of his properties as he visits. To set it another way, Trump is arguably utilizing tax dollars to fuel ad for his properties. The president is currently facing several suits because of conflicts of interest like this.

Beyond accusations of hypocrisy and concerns regarding Trump’s ongoing ties to his business empire, he also reportedly watches five hours of TV a day. We also know Trump likes to tweet. A chairman should arguably spendhis or her period far more constructively.

So, at the end of the day, you can hardly blamed people for having a little fun at the president’s expenditure on National Lazy Day.

Here are some of the best tweets about Trump for National Lazy Day.

Perhaps the vacation should be renamed National Lazy/ Trump Day? Just a thought.

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