Is Donald Trump Lying About Giving Millions To Charity ?? See Why Even His Own Son Is Stepping Back From Claims …

Uhm, this is awkward!

By now, there’s no way you haven’t heard some of the RIDICULOUS, racist, and misogynistic things that Donald Trump has said, but now he might be losing some subsistence from his own family!

You may be aware that Trump still has NOT released his taxation records, something Hillary Clinton has already done, as he claims he’s undergoing a routine audit and will release the information afterwards.

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Part of the reason people are so curious about his return is they want to fact check some of the claims the businessman has made like how he’s told at rallies that he dedicates “millions” to charities every year. In fact, just last week Donald’s son, Eric Trump , even used to say his father dedicates “millions and millions and millions” to charities including “hundreds of thousands” to the Eric Trump Foundation !

Well after the 32 -year-old’s confident comments and telling the Washington Post that he would get back to them regarding the numbers, Eric simply replied with an e-mail telling:

“I’m sure there have been but without going back through 10 years, I wouldn’t remember check for check off the top of my head.”

The letter continued saying 😛 TAGEND

“We are going to maintain anonymity. Hope you understand.”

Uhhhm, so what about those “hundreds of thousands” ?! LOLz!

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What’s worse is according David Fahrenthold ‘s investigation for the Post , he claims that Trump should have given over $ 8.5 million away. The BIG problem went when David tried to call over 200 national charities and merely detected $10,000 in gifts from the former Celebrity Apprentice superstar. If that’s not a red flag, how about the fact that the investigation also showed that old Donald hasn’t given any money himself since 2008!

Of course the GOP candidate’s campaign said that he’s dedicated $102 million in charitable gifts over the last five years, but once again the WaPo didn’t find ANY gifts anywhere! That’s when the campaign attempted to cover their tracks by saying that the donations weren’t cash gifts but rather things like “free golfing” and “conservation easements.” SRSLY ?!

How can Trump even BEGIN to monetize things like free golfing ?! The 69 -year-old is either delusional or … nope, just plain old Crazytown Bananapants!

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These aren’t the only instances of shady things going on — outside of Trump University of course — as the American Democracy Legal Fund have asked the IRS is currently considering an instance where Trump’s charitable funds were used to buy a signed football helmet from Tim Tebow . Brad Woodhouse , a rep from the ADLF wrote in a letter telling 😛 TAGEND

“What’s unambiguous is that Mr. Trump manager and fiduciary of the Foundation’s charitable assets, utilized Foundation dollars to buy football memorabilia that he personally coveted, ” Brad Woodhouse of the American Democracy Legal Fund, wrote in the letter to the IRS.”

The investigation is of course ongoing, but we’re surely curious to see if anything major happens as a result of these findings and whether or not Trump has been telling the full truth. HA!

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