Imagine if Hillary owned Mar-a-Lago

( CNN) It’s getting to be an nearly laughable refrain, recurred whenever our current President garbles his interviews, insults a foreign leader, neglects norms of either politics or polite human behaviour, or uses his position to enrich himself or his family: “Imagine if Hillary Clinton did that.”

The latest example might be the most egregious. In a now-removed post, the State Department toutedTrump’s private Mar-a-Lago club as “the winter White House, ” advertising the place’s history and violating ethics rules in the process.

Of course, Trump himself has utilized his position to line his pockets by way of the club — membership dues doubled to $200,000 the year after his election, and he’s spent a quarter of his first 100 daysat Mar-a-Lago( with travel costs and extra security costing American taxpayers million of dollars ).

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