Here’s Why You Should Never Play Golf On A Frozen Lake

Playing golf on a frozen lagoon is a terrible and dangerous notion, and this video presents exactly why.

In a clip reportedly filmed in Sweden on Dec. 18 , an unidentified man attempts to hit the ball off the ice. But he aims up striking the ice itself, which rapidly cracks beneath his feet sending him tumbling into the freezing water.

YouTube/ ViralHog Do not ever do this.

After my friend fell through the ice, we rapidly get him out of the water and rushed him home to get a warm rain, ” the cameraperson told YouTube channels ViralHog.

The unnamed golfer was lucky to have escaped serious harm.

The National Center for Cold Water Safety nations on its website that “with very few exceptions, immersion in cold water is immediately life-threatening for anyone not wearing thermal protection like a wetsuit or drysuit.”

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