Here’s the strangest s ** t you can buy on Donald Trump’s website

Donald Trump is a real estate magnate, a New York Times bestseller, and a noted inventor of words. He’s also the president of the United States.

More than anything, though, Trump is a salesman. Whether you believe he’s the consummate dealmaker or a scummy scam artist, there’s little doubt that Trump use his charisma, his media manipulation abilities, and his ability to say the right things to the right people at the right time to sell you products “youve never” thought you wanted to buy.

Even though he’s now the president, that salesmanship hasn’t halted. You might know Trump is employing his website to sell merchandise, and you might have heard about a tiny controversy where reference is visited Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey wearing a USA hat that could be purchased for $40 on his official campaign website( you could also simply buy a knockoff on Walmart for, like, $10 ).

Forty bucks for a hat seems instead expensive, especially since it’s not even fitted and because, frankly, it seems as cheap as hell. But if you’re not in need of a head-covering, there are still plenty of others bonkers buys you can build on Trump’s campaign website. Most of these aren’t as strange as the items you can buy on the websites of heavy metal bands, but the fact you can procure any of these on the president’s website seems rather, well, unpresidential.

Here are our favorites.

Trump # MAGA Morning Mug ($ 30.00)

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The picture you see above is one side of the mug, and the other side features the hashtag #MAGA. If you’re one of the 64 percentage of Americans in the latest Gallup poll who don’t approve of Trump and the job he is doing and aren’t sure you want to spend that much on a mug, you can find a similar cup to hold your coffee on Amazon for about $15. Hold it the first step in detect the art of the deal.

Make America Great Again Christmas tree decoration ($ 99)

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The ornament is made of brass but finished in 24 karat gold. The ornament used to cost $149, but now you can buy it for less than $100( though there’s a good chance the cost could increase as we get closer to the holidays ). The fact an adornment with a “Make Christmas Great Again” hat isn’t offered is beyond me.

Trump golf bundle ($ 80)

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This might be the least self-aware item on the listing( until you get to the buttons for sale below, anyway ). Trump has spent a massive quantityof his presidency playing golf, and now, you can show your love for the president while making the links yourself. You don’t get clubs or a golf container, though. Or a glove or some MAGA golf balls or a Trump towel. Nope, here’s what your $80 will buy you.

MAGA Hat Driver Cover Official Inauguration Seal Golf Tool Set Complimentary 5×7 MAGA photo

If $ 45 for a brass circle is too much to spend , note that it also comes with a “routed timber stand to display the medallion” and a “blue Kraft box with Trump-Pence logo in gold foil and blue insert to hold medallion and routed timber stand.”

See, it’s not a ripoff after all! Just like his presidency.

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