Here’s how the Secret services will protect Trump during his 17 -day golf vacation

The Secret Service will use adrone to protect Donald Trump when he tees off at his private golf club in New Jersey during the president’s upcoming 17 -day vacation.

In a document released Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security exposed it would release a tethered unmanned aircraft system when the president visits Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster in August.

The agency said it will test a proof-of-concept to decide the health risks of using dronings to protect the president. The device is set to fly autonomously at a height of 300 -4 00 feet, eyeing the perimeter of the nearly 7,000 -yard course. It will use eletro-optical and infrared cameras to look for threats, and it will be powered by a micro-filament tetherwhich enables the droning to stay in the air indefinitely while moving data regarding the air to the ground via a wired connection.

The drone is being tested as part of the Secret Services efforts to tie several types of UAVs and tethered systems into its overhead security endeavours. The current technique is to use manned aircraft supplied by local, nation, or federal government agencies. These are often too loud and dont provide consistent coverage, according to Reuters.

The Secret Service said its drone may fly near private residencies, which could lead to privacy violations. Itll notify everyone at the golf course that the grounds are being monitor the performance of an eye in the sky. However, relevant agencies did acknowledge health risks that some people in range of the drones wont be aware of their presence.

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