Erin Andrews Opens Up About Wedding Plans, Is Most Relatable Bride Ever EXCLUSIVE

It’s wedding season, y’all, and guess who’s getting married?

The beautiful, wonderful Erin Andrews is approaching her wedding day with fianc Jarret Stoll and the couple couldn’t be more excited.

I know nothing about~ finding true love~ but I imagine it’s a thrilling experience. At the same period, however, I also hear scheming a bridal takes a WHOLE lot of period, endeavour, and money.

Good thing I’m dying alone!

I was able to sit down with the host to talk about how she maintains a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle in preparation for her wedding day for Elite Daily. On top of that, she also has an arousing partnership with White Claw, so we got to chat about it all.

White Claw is a new hard seltzer, and let me tell you, it’s delicious. Andrews stopped by Elite Daily and broughtme some of their flavors, so yes, I’m now an expert on the refreshment.

Dave Kotinsky

Immediately when I watched the packaging, I pictured myself cracking open a cold one on the beach, working on my sunshine tan and likely get burnt in the summer heat.

I started off by asking Andrews to tell me a little more about existing cooperation and how she’d describe the beverage to someone who’s never tried it before. She says,

Well, you mentioned reading about it makes you want to be on a beach. So, I do live on a beach in California, and kind of like our thing every single Saturday, we have a huge group of friends that we just do beach days we call them beach days.

And everybody brings their coolers and everybody brings their beverages and for a while all the rage a couple years ago was boxed wine for us, we thought that was hilarious but now all our friends are into seltzer water, and we’ve “ve noticed that” hard seltzer is various kinds of the trend this summer.

And you mentioned the packaging and everything. You can bring that on a beach. It’s not a bottle. It’s not in a glass. It’s easy to throw in your YETI[ cooler ]. It’s easy to throw in a cooler. Super cute.

White Claw comes in four different flavors: raspberry, black cherry, ruby grapefruit, and lime. Lime is Andrews’ favorite, but I’m more of a grapefruit gal.

Dave Kotinsky

The sportscaster mentioned she loves hard seltzer so much because she likes taking care of her body. She explains,

The other thing that induces sense for me besides the fact that I like to drink on a beach is that I’m somebody that plainly, documented, I like working out, I take care of my body, a) for stress level, and b) because I’m on television for a living.

It’s low cal ., low sugar , no artificial flavors, purity in the alcohol that’s what separates this hard seltzer from the others.

After Erin Andrews and I shared a few giggles( we’re close now, it’s fine ), I asked her how she’s finding time to plan a bridal and, you know, live their own lives. She shares,

I have no idea. I have a wedding planner. My wedding is like literally in a week and a half, so, yeah , no, it’s I may need that entire example in about five seconds. Literally was on a plane answering every single email from my wedding planner yesterday, so, it’s crunch time.

Totally feel you, girl. I’m at that age where now all of my friends and co-workers are starting to get engaged. It’s a fun time, really. Facebook is a special place.

Matt Winkelmeyer/ Getty Images for WCRF

I asked Andrews if she has any advice for recently engaged couples, specifically millennials, on they should start planning. She tells me,

Well, we did ours really fast. We were engaged in December it was a six-month involvement. So this was really fast for us. But, for me, I joke around and tell everybody I’m 175 yeas old, so why do we need to wait any longer to get married?


But for us it was just like we have a lot of friends that play in the NHL so actually the only day you can get married is in the summer. And “youve never” know if your friends are gonna win the[ Stanley] Cup which, bougie problems, but you don’t, so you typically have now until July before camp starts up.

So this was the perfect day for us to get married so our friends “re coming” that play in the[ National Hockey] League. But yeah, I’m lucky because my guy was truly involved in all the planning. I mean, even yesterday he’s in Ireland golfing and I was sending him, Do you like this calligraphy? ‘ I entail, my guy was like, he wants to be involved in it all, so I feel like I was very fortunate along the way because he was into every little detail and he wanted to pick the menu and like we sat there with our DJ list and picked out all the sungs and everything.

WOW, I wish I had a human.( Do you guys know I’m single ?)

I then asked Andrews to walk me through her favorite and least favorite portions about scheming a wedding. I entail, it’s gotta be stressful AF, right ?!

She says,

My favorite part of planning is just knowing that friends we haven’t seen in a while or friends that are on different teams now are gonna be there. We’re gonna be all together. Like I think that’s the cool component. My girlfriends on the west coast were texting me all night last night I was like, Guys, I have to go to bed. I’m in New York.’ And they’re like, Oh my God, we’re gonna dance to this song and this song! ‘ The hardest proportion I think is just constructing sure everybody’s happy and taken care of and all that.

Honestly, yeah. I’m down to have a wedding with simply a bunch of my friends who needs a husband, anyway?

Andrews get real with me, though, and admitted she’s not much of a wedding girl. She explains,

But, I think that’s the one thing for me, I’m just not the girl that like dream of the wedding. I wasn’t the girl that, you know, was like Shelby[ Eatenton Latcherie] from Blush and Bashful.’ I entail, didn’t plan on doing all this kind of stuff and that’s why I have a planner that’s like, This is really traditional. This is what you do.’ For us, “its just” various kinds of like, we wanted it to be so much about our personalities and about our friends our friends are huge in our life and like what we like to do with them.

ERIN ANDREWS IS LITERALLY ME( except truly successful, gorgeous, and in love ). But seriously, how relatable is she ?!

Jamie Squire/ Getty Images

Here’s when I knew she was my idol. When I asked what various kinds of wedding cake she’ll serve, here’s what she had to say 😛 TAGEND


Moral of the story: Andrews is everything I aspire to be and more. I’m planning a bridal with Duncan Hines Yellow Cake, White Claw, and 50 of my closest friends( lmao, JK, I only have like ).

Congrats on your engagement! Have the most beautiful wedding ever. I’ll keep an eye out for my invite in the mail.

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