Don’t worry, United States–Trump is just going for a quick game of golf


Hey, America. President Donald Trump‘s going out for a quick game of golf. Real quick. He promises!

In a tweet sharing his day-after-Thanksgiving schemes, the president said that he’ll be traveling to the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson. But, you know, it’ll be over rapidly. Just a fast round with the boys! I promise, U.S .! I’ll be home before dinner!

Of course, Trump qualifying his golfing schemes with a weak parenthetical was meant to deter critics who aren’t fans of presidents who golf–himself included.

According to Trump Golf Count, a website tracking how many times Trump has visited golf clubs since his inauguration, Trump has racked up 76 visits costing a total of $81,274, 972. However, before becoming chairwoman, Trump was perhaps President Barack Obama‘s most vocal critic when it came to golfing( in August, Trump was, on average, so far golfing less than Obama, but his journeys were expensing more ).

Perhaps next time Trump will squelch over-golfing fears by tweeting that he’s restriction his game to the first six pits, or that he’ll be visiting a putt-putt range instead.

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