Donald Trump is( likely) healthier than you

Washington( CNN) The results are in! And Donald Trump is in “very good health overall.”

The report is short on detailed information about Trump’s health but, from what is in there, it does appear that, for a 72 -year-old man, Trump is quite healthy.

Consider 😀 TAG 4 TT

* His blood pressure is 118/80. That’s good !~ ATAGEND

* His resting heart rate is 70 beats per minute. Also good !~ ATAGEND

* His LDLs( bad cholesterol) went from 143 in 2018 to 122 in 2019. Good!

There’s one sprinkle of rain on Trump’s health: His weight. At 6’3″ and 243 pounds — he was 239 last year — he has a BMI( Body Mass Index) of 31 and is considered clinically obese.

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