Donald Trump had the best golf round of his life last month

( CNN) Sometime last month, President Donald Trump had a heck of a day on the links.

( Sidebar: It’s hard to pinpoint what exact date Trump shot the 68; he played twice at his club in West Palm Beach over Easter weekend — including a round with conservative radio talk indicate host Rush Limbaugh and LPGA superstar Lexi Thompson — and four times at his club in Sterling, Virginia, according to CNN’s Betsy Klein .)


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That 68 appears to be Trump’s best round ever — or certainly within the last eight years.( says Trump has never reported a score in the 60 s before .) Trump, like most golfers, reports a chunk of his scores to the US Golf Association to maintain an official handicap( how many shots you, typically, shoot over par on a golf course .) The most recent score he reported before the April round of his life was in October 2018 when he shot a 96, which is, uh, less good.

Of Trump’s golfing, Reilly recently told CNN: “He defrauds like a mafia accountant. He cheats crazy. He cheats whether you’re watching or not. He cheats whether you like it or not.” Reilly also told CNN that Trump reached two balls in the water when he played with Tiger Woods and then claimed to have almost beaten the pro.

To Reilly, Trump’s approach to golf is a window into his broader approach to life: He breaks all the rules and then denies, denies, denies. Whether or not you put that much stock in what golf can expose about Trump, it’s clear that the President loves the sport and is — compared to other humen his age — very good at it.

Is he “6 8” good? Uh …

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