Did President Trump neglect his wife on Mother’s Day?

Was the first lady forgot by the parent of her child on Mother’s Day? Tweets from the first family and photojournalistic evidence reveal that chairwoman and Melania Trump celebrated the holiday in very differentways.

The New York Times posted a photo showing President Trump golfing on Sunday. It didn’t take long for internet to notice and suggest that he purposefully selected golf over his wife, instead wishing her a distant” Happy Mother’s Day” via his preferred sort of communication, Twitter.

Others wondered if the first lady purposefully asked Trump to give her a day alone.

Meanwhile, others poked fun at Melania’s Mother’s Day photo shoot with their son, Barron, pointing out that it has slightly creepy undercurrents. A watermark indicates the photo was taken by Regine Mahaux in 2016, means that the Melania didn’t even post a recent image celebrating Mother’s Day with her son.

The Trump family’s Mother’s Day creates ongoing questions about Melania’s distance from the White House and her husband. She has chosen to remain in New York since Trump took office, and has done little in the official capacity of first lady. A close appear at her photographic tweets from 2012 to 2105 depicted a woman who viewed most things from inside Trump Tower. More lately, she liked a tweet making fun of her husband’s therapy of her during their matrimony.

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