Big Brother Contestant Jokes About Raping Housemate’s Wife And Tying Up Daughters To Watch

We are beyond disturbed…

In a recent clip from Big brother, contestant Jason Dent jokes about what he would do to housemate Kevin Schlehuber if Kevin set him up for elimination — he’d go and “fuck” his wife.

He might have been giggling about it, but that is a rape menace. And it’s horrifying to see it happen with such zeal.

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Oh. He also says he will “tie all[ of Kevin’s] daughters up and construct them fucking watch.”

As seen here:


Dent has also said he would hold down female housemate Raven Walton so the guys could take turns to “backdoor her.”

When spectators heard Jason’s horrible comments, they conveyed their outrage on Twitter. See all the reactions( below ):

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