50 Fun, Cheap Outdoor Dates That Are Perfect For Summer

1. Spend the majority of your night at a drive-in movie theatre and get cozy in the back of the car. Perfect for some alone time with some entertainment.

2. Build a campfire for two with smores. Its free and an excellent way to expend quality time together.

3. Check out your local farmers’ market and buy some fresh produce to make a fantastic dinner together at home.

4. Go hiking or for a nature walk.

5. Tie-dye random clothes or old sheets you have. Everything seems better with a fresh coat of tie-dye on it and its fun.

6. Grab discount coupons at your local grocery store or search for bargains on the Internet for bargain prices for a theme park near you. Everyone loves amusement park, and use the extra cash you have to play games and win a giant teddy bear.

7. Have a picnic in the park. Bring a basket with food, a blanket, maybe a guitar, go all out and make a day of it.

8. Go to an amateur sports game, even if youre not a fan. Tickets are usually super cheap, along with the beer!

9. Get pool floaties, or any kind of floatation device truly, and float around in a small lake or down a river. Its extremely relaxing and fun.( Hint: pack a cooler filled with food and beer so you can float and eat .)

10. Stimulate a day out of going to local wineries, the samples are usually free and you can go from winery to winery throughout the day tasting and comparing. It also gives you an excuse to dress up a bit.

11. Go to an outdoor festival. Google whats going on around you in the summer and youre bound to find free celebrations in your area to check out.

12. Concerts at small venues are generally free or cheap, especially if local bands are performing. Grab some lawn chairs and hangout at the stage for the night together.

13. Find a bar or club that has karaoke on a certain night and run sing your hearts out together on stage.

14. Go to a local park and swing on the swings. Its a perfect opportunity to get some great conversation in.

15. Check out the garage sales in your neighborhoods on the weekends. This might sound like a weird date, but you never know what youll determine and its always interesting to see everyones junk.

16. Go get ice cream together. Sit on a bench and eat it or go for a walking, but enjoy each others company.

17. Spend a day at the beach, pack a purse for the working day and just lay out in the sunshine and splash around in the water.

18. Rent a two-person kayak, this might expense a little, but not too much if you go to a nation park or a local rental shop and divide it. Pack a lunch and stop half way through to sit on a stone and eat together.

19. Have a water balloon fighting. Operate around your yard and chase each other just like you used to do when you were kids.

20. Take a mini road journey even to somewhere youve been before, but get out of the car and walk around. Actually explore the area you are together.

21. Go stargazing at night. Summer nights are perfect to layout side and admire the stars. Bring blankets and lie in the grass, and appreciate the time youre spending with the person youre with.

22. Find a zoo near you and expend the working day looking at exotic animals. Most zoos are decently cheap and its the perfect place to take plenty of pictures.

23. Go on a scavenger hunting! Each partner should hide clues around specific places and send the other one looking for the clues to the main award.( Hint: all clues should be love related and pertain to your relationship .)

24. Go geocaching. Ive never actually been doing this, but Ive always wanted to. It is an app where you search for a particular item based on GPS location. It seems really fun and gives you something to talk through.

25. Watch the sunrise or sunset with your S/ O in a private part of the land that is special to you and if you dont have a special place, make one.

26. Visit a nature centre. They are generally free to the public to walk around and explore various regions of history in your area and find different changes in the land around you.

27. Pick berries together. You only pay for what bushel you fill so if youre not looking to expend a lot grab a smaller bushel and eat some berries in the fields together.

28. Skip rocks together at the pond on a warm summertime day and reminisce over old memories.

29. Be a tourist in your own city and visit historical landmarks and if you dont have any run some place in township youve never been before.

30. Create your own slip n slide. Ive done it with a tarp and a hose, it brings you back to your childhood days and its super fun.

31. Make your own popsicles. Seem up recipes or just grab some of your favorite fresh fruit hurl it in a popsicle container with water and if you dont have a popsicle container, just use an ice cube tray and freeze away.

32. Go camping, even if youre not an outdoors person, at least pitch a tent in the backyard. Bring blankets, snacks, a lantern and truly to continue efforts to get cozy in nature.

33. Go fishing. Fishing is fun and relaxing. Its the perfect way to expend a Sunday afternoon sitting on a dock with your S/ O.

34. Check out a flea market and let it flood you with nostalgia and bond over your childhood days.

35. Beach day! Run to your local beach and expend the working day playing in the water and catching some rays.

36. Make your own outside fort! Grab blankets and sheets from inside and hang them from trees to make your own little outdoor sanctuary together.

37. Spend the day at a beer festival. You do normally have to buy general admission tickets, but once youre in you are able to have as much beer as you want and beer is a great way to bond.

38. Have a cook out in the backyard. Define the table up nice, hurl a candle in the center and cook up some great burgers.

39. Go mini golfing, while it costs money it is very inexpensive and who doesnt love a good healthy competitor of mini golfing and harmless shit talking to your S/ O?

40. Go for a bike ride together through township, on a boardwalk, around your favorite place. Its a great way to have fun and get some exert in.

41. Head for morning coffee at an outdoor caf, that way you get to still enjoy your three favorite things: caffeine, the outdoors and your S/ O.

42. If you live near a pond, make a rope swing and expend the working day swinging into the pond. It will be thrilling and refreshing.

43. Go to a roof top happy hour. You get to still enjoy the beautiful outside weather while enjoying cheap drinkings, and the view will most likely be amazing.

44. Find your inner child and play with sidewalk chalk and find who can create the best/ most artistic drawing.

45. Buy cheap sparklers and fireworks and define them off at night together.

46. Fly a kite. Kites are relatively cheap if you dont already have one. Spend the day in the park flying them around( without getting them tangled ).

47. Volunteer at one of your favorite charities in your community. It will feel good and youll get to do something youre passionate about together.

48. Participate in a color operate. The costs of these vary, but scheme it ahead of day and make sure you sign up for the early bird special to save yourselves some money! Color runs are loads of fun and there isnt much thats better than fun exercise.

49. Feed the ducks by your local pond or pond.

50. Make your own outdoor cinema. Pull a Tv out on the deck and grab some blankets and cuddle up while watching your favorite movie in the consolation of your own deck.

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