23 Amazing Date Ideas For The Guy Who’s Broke AF

Men, I get the struggle ofkeeping up with rent pays, student loans and monthly bills.

And I’m not going to lie, women love to be pampered … aka you picking up the check on a date. It shows you are confident, thoughtful and have your sh* t together. So when you finallymeet that special daughter, your bills can pile up even more .

But let me share with you a little secret: You DON’T “re going to have to” splurge on luxurious dinners to keep( at least the best of) us interested.Yes, we want to be taken out to have a good time. But with a littlecreative gues, between you and me, you can come up with some date notions thatreally don’thave to blow your budget.

Don’t get me wrong; fancy dates are astounding. But however cliche this may sound, many daughters actually do believe it’s the thought that counts. Going that extra mile in planning a date will stimulate her super impressed with your creativity.

When taking it to the next level, there is no better style of getting to know her than simply being yourself. Don’t be afraid of escapade and spontaneity.Laughing and letting loosewith one another is such an integral part of every relationship, and that doesn’t expense a thing.

These may not be your favorite schemes, but trust me; they are a great way to winning a girls heart.So suck it up, and take one for the team when youre ready to impress( but broke AF ).

And trust me guys; if she’s happy, you’ll be happy.

1. Run on a romantic walking at sunset.

Now I know romantic walks and sunsets are likely one step beneath having a needle poked in your eye. But you’re not getting very far without this kind of date.

The Brooklyn Bridge is an awesome spot to take a stroll if you live in NYC. And nothing beats the Golden Gate Bridge if you’re on the Western coast!

Any special landmark or scenic road runs just fine.

2. Cruise in a blow-up paddleboat or rent a rowboat on a lake.

Let’s think of this as afternoon exercise, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

A blow-up boat can be found at most discount store, if you don’t already have one. Its fun to do several times over the summer.Besides, it can double as a brew cooler for your next summertime banger.

You can also rent canoes and kayaks for very cheap — sometimes for nothing.

Chilling on a lagoon is the ultimate summer plan to romance your hunny.

3. Stargaze.

Whether you’re gazing from the back of a pickup truck or on a rooftop, stargazing is the right way to go.

Dont forget a cozy blanket, binoculars and a bottle of wine or a six pack.

4. Cook a delicious dinner for her at your place.

Set the table with blooms, candles, a pretty tableclothand dont forget the finest background music.

Ask her to dress up, and I know you will hate this part, but make sure you do, too. The details are whatcount, and you’re the dude with no fund, so remember, I’m helping you out here.

5. Teach her your specialty.

This is one you’re actually going to enjoy.Whether its surfing, snowboarding, ice skating, skateboarding, golfing or playing guitar, share it with her, and scheme an awesome day around it.

Hint: If your favorite pastime is shotgunning beers and playing video games, you might wanttore-think thisplan.

But overall, she’ll be excited to learn more about you, and what better style to personalize your time together than with something you genuinely enjoy doing?

6. Have a selfie-stick photo shoot afternoon.

OK, don’t gag on this one. I’m on your side, recollect?

Plan out some scenic places to take her. Girls are all about great pics, so odds are, she will have a lot of fun with this.

If youre feeling truly crafty, publish out some favourites from the shoot, and frame them for her for one of your next gifts.

Again, this is corny, but opportunities are you’re going to have to make up for all the money you’re saving with corniness.

7. Take her hiking.

For the adventurous daughter wholoves the outdoors and workout, plan this on a sunny afternoon, and pick a great destination to subdued the heights.

Now if she’s a high-maintenance diva, either tone down the course a bit, or fell her like it’s hot.

Pack a backpack for two with all the right snacks and drinkings. And water! Don’t forget water.

8. Run on a winery tour.

If shes a passionate wine devotee, touring and tasting is the ultimate date for her.

Any winery will do. Many don’t charge any fees for a tour and tasting. Plus, bitches love wine.

9. Take her to a classic automobile show.

Guys love automobiles, right? Well, daughters love them too. If shes a automobile devil, you will both really have fun goingto a cruise night. If she’s not, opportunities are she’ll become one.

After admiring hot rods, ice cream or a milkshake would be the end to a perfect date…or perhaps merely the beginning.

10. Run on arun or walking on the beach.

Whats better than a romantic stroll on the beach? Well, I’m sure there are a fewthings you would rather be doing with her.

This idea sounds so overplayed, but it’s actually timeless. Operating and strolling are always invigorating, and there’s something deep calming and romantic about doing so by the beach.

It’ll get her primed for those working things you’d instead be doing that I mentioned earlier.

11. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Volunteering always stimulates everyone feel good. It also can tell you a great deal about what kind of girl she is on the inside.

Bring the dogs for a stroll, and enjoy a fun afternoon surrounded by furry friends who will really appreciate the attention.

The right girl won’t be able to contain herself around all these pups. Trust me on this one. Puppy-dog eyes bring out the best us.

12. Take your puppies to a dog park.

If either of you are a pet owner, this is a piece of cake. Your pupswill love it, she’ll love it, and so will you.

But there are two things to remember on this one: One, don’t think of your dog as stealing your date; think of him as your wingman.Two, the way to a girl’s heart, and every place else, is through her puppy.

Definitely. Like. Her. Puppy.

Pro tip: Dont forget to bring her puppytreats! It will earn you a treat of your own, I promise.

13. Dedicate her a home spa night.

OKguys, in this case, number 13 is your lucky number. This date will be romantic, relaxing and just plain old fun for the both of you.

Pamper her all night long, and finish it off with getting cozy in the bathtub. You’re welcome.

14. Order takeout.

Set up a casual, candlelit carpet picnic for two.

Surround the region with pillows and blankets, attaining it truly comfy.Maybe whip out some “Magic Mike” moves…choice is yours.

15. Take her sledding.

Obviously, you’ll need a good snowfall for this one. But the purpose of it all is this won’t cost you a dime.

Hot chocolate, marshmallows and mugs are a must to bring on this date for after you two are soaked and freeze. Plus, warming up together doesn’t voice so bad , now does it?

16. Go bike riding.

This one’s not bad at all. Mapout a road along the beach or a lagoon, if possible.

Bring thoughtful goodies, liketrail mixture, power bars and water bottles.

You better be a good biker. It will be pretty embarrassing if she smokes you.

17. Have a homemade pizza night.

Who doesn’t love to construct pizza, guys? Set up all of the ingredients, and make a tart together. It’s actually not that hard, even if you suck at cooking.

End the night surprising her with gelato, and you won’t be sorry.

18. Go to a drive-in movie.

The night wouldnt be complete without boxed movie snacks. Bring somepopcorn and Milk Duds( which you can buy at a reasonably cheap cost, as opposed to those crazy movie costs ).

Check out this list of drive-in movie theatre throughout the country you can go to!

19. Go to a beer-tasting at your local brewery.

Find a brewery near you for a tasting.This date was literally made for you . It’s like when you get person a gift that’s secretly for you.

Except you’ll love it, she’ll love it, and everybody’s happy. Breweries are super “hip, ” so even if she doesn’t love brew, she’ll be excited only to snap images and tell her friends she went.

20. Have an outsidecampfire.

Make sure the climate is fire pit-worthy, patently. Also make sure you don’t burn the house down.

Be prepared with wine, smores and sticks for toasting marshmallows.

Stop rolling your eyes. When you got no fund, you still gotta please the hunny.

21. Throw an old-fashioned picnic at a romantic spot.

Give the place some really good believed; something withspecial meaning to her or the both of you.

Arrive with a bouquet of daisies and knapsack filled with a blanket and her favorite snacks.

Yes, of course your buddies would laugh their ass off if they saw you here. But DGAF; they’re not the ones you need to impress. And while they’re off being “cool, ” you’re off get laid.

22. Stay in and have a movie marathon.

Cuddle on the sofa, make gourmet popcorn with fun toppings, and have the best romantic movies lined up for this one.

“The Notebook, ” “Love Actually, ” “The Longest Ride, ” “P.S. I Love You, ” “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, ” “Maid In Manhattan” are classics.

Come on guys, a real human can get through “The Notebook” just fine. And whether you admit it or not, I bet you’ll even like it.

So nip it, and don’t forget extra butter for the popcorn.

23. Have a chocolate chip cookie baking night.

Her sweet tooth will appreciate this, and so will yours.

After they’re all done, treat yo’self, and make sure you have milk for dunking.

Have fun, and think outside of the box.Dating doesnt have to be expensive, butyou’re going to get out of it what you put into it.

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